Why Betting on Barcelona Every Game is a Losing Strategy

An outline explaining how betting against Barcelona would have been a better strategy over the last five and a half seasons.

Barcelona Results

Of course, as you’d expect over the last five and half seasons Barcelona have won the vast majority of their fixtures. This is the first season that their win % has crept under the 70% mark but there is still plenty of time for them to put that statistic right.

However regular backers of Barcelona would have lost money over the last few seasons because of the poor value that bookmakers have offered on Barcelona.

The Odds

This table shows the average odds across the season if you were to back Barcelona at the bookie with the best odds on Barcelona every game.

So What if you Bet on a Barcelona Win/Draw/Loss Every Week?

This table shows the results if you were to place a £10 bet on each game outcome every game and the net results over the last five and a half seasons.

So if you were to have placed a £10 bet on Barcelona at the bookie with the best odds every game you would have come out with a £20 loss (this drops to a loss of £92.70 if each bet is placed at the average bookie odds).

On the flip side if you had backed the opponent in every game to the tune of £10 at the bookie with the best odds you would have profited £952 over the last five and a half seasons. This drops to a profit of £347 if the bets were placed at the average odds. This highlights the importance of ensuring you shop around to find the best odds. The risk of this strategy is of course that Barcelona can go on long runs without losing a game! In fact, this strategy would have cost you £277 in the 2017/2018 season when Barcelona only lost 1 game all season.

The third option of backing a draw every game would have netted you £227 if you placed each bet at the best odds. Contrastingly you would have lost £87 if you backed a draw at the average odds each game.

You can further investigate which strategies would have worked historically by playing with the filters on our betting dashboards. You can view how you would have done if you backed your team every week on the Betting on Your Team Every Week (Best Odds) Dashboard.

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