The Evolution of Football Index

Football Index was first rolled out in October 2015 and looked a little something like this.

A pretty basic set up. You can even see that during this time, there was no Instant Sell option, so if you wanted to sell your stake in a player, you had to sell to market and wait as long as it took. There were also just 200 players on the market at the time, with weekly IPOs replacing the two lowest-priced players on the market.

User numbers were far fewer than they are now, so liquidity was pretty sparse which appeared to hold back the market. In 2016, Instant Sell was introduced and that brought a lot more security to traders, knowing that there was almost always an option to exit a trade, albeit at the expense of a spread of course.

Later in 2016, as the Football Index market continued to grow, the top players began to stretch the market. As a result, we saw a four-way share split, taking the media dividend from 20p down to 5p and the most expensive players from around £6 to £1.50, but not for long! In fact, during the same day that the split took place, some of the top players saw immediate 30% increases, with Ronaldo closing the day top at over £2.20. That means that if we used former prices today, Neymar would be worth over a staggering £76 per future!

In August 2017, the performance dividend was introduced, and the squad began to open up as a space for purchasable players shortly afterwards. Daily Football Index IPOs began to take place from November 2017. The introduction of performance dividends brought value to many players who had previously been deemed deadwood, making the whole platform much more exciting and creating a plethora of new options to buy and fresh strategies to take up. You can see below how the average price of the original 200 players on Football Index has increased since this introduction!

March 2019 saw a second share split take place, this time a three-way share split, taking the top of the market from a monstrous £21 to a more affordable £7. This was also accompanied by a relative dividend increase which helped boost the market even further and take dividend payouts to an all-time high.

At this stage you could be wondering, am I too late? Look at all the growth I have missed! But that is simply not the case! In the last 18 months, there has been a host of different marketing campaigns, many of which are still running, including a TalkSport radio advert, a television advert voiced by commentating legend John Motson across Sky Sports and most recently the signing of Guillem Balague as a brand ambassador. These marketing drives have helped spread the word and crush any doubt surrounding the platform’s legitimacy. Football Index has also revealed that it will be the shirt sponsor of Championship side Nottingham Forrest for the 2019/20 season, with a pretty sizeable logo taking centre stage on their new jersey as you can see below.

NFFC Football Index shirt

Football Index has also recently hired a head of international expansion to help continue its roll out into new territories – as of October 2018, the platform is available in the UK, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand – an impressive feat for a three-year-old start-up! But with only 300,000 users signed up and only a fraction of them actually being active traders, there’s still plenty of room for growth!

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