Keeping up with Football Index

Another essential part of trading on Football Index is understanding the best ways to keep up with the market and developments on the platform. The extent to which you need to be in the know depends on how much you are investing and how actively you want to trade, as many will happily treat the platform like a bank account by just investing and letting it sit, checking from time to time, which can be fine but far from the most efficient use of your funds most of the time.

Step number one has to be to follow certain Football Index twitter accounts. There is so much useful information and breaking news you can get from Twitter before it becomes available anywhere else.

Start off with following the staple Football Index Twitter accounts – Football Index (@footballindexUK) themselves, their CEO Adam Cole (@Adamcolefi), and marketing man Mike Bohan (@MikeB_FI). Between these guys, you will get a plethora of content, competitions and most importantly, breaking news faster than anywhere else. We would definitely recommend having notifications switched on for Adam and Mike, as they are the most likely sources of market-moving announcements like deposit bonuses or upcoming changes.

Next up, you will want to have some of the Media Buzz sources (like @MirrorFootball, @DExpress_Sport) onto your feed. This will give you a general consensus of how the day’s media dividends are likely to pan out. You will also see the stories quicker than waiting for them to appear on the media buzz rankings as there is often a delay. You can also get ahead by following @hendopolis – who provides “#tomorrowspaperstoday.” He will tweet out the back pages of all the newspapers for the following day at around 10 pm, which can be very useful for breaking stories during the transfer window.

It is also useful to follow some experts who may be able to bring you information even before the papers get hold of it. The likes of @bbcsport_david and @DiMarzio are thought to be very reliable when it comes to transfers and @BenDinnery is also great for injury data.

There are also a lot of other useful Football Index-dedicated Twitter accounts which provide great insight and stats such as @FootballindexAS, @FootyIndex_Talk and @footballindexLM.

Moving away from Twitter, there are still a few things you can do to help keep up. Fixtures are important, so we would recommend downloading a football score app like SofaScore and either just marking all eligible Performance Buzz competitions as favourites or even put the notifications on if you want to be continually updated. In this way, you can easily keep a mental track of how your players are performing and how their competition is looking without having to continually watch the rankings on the Football Index app.

It is always good to have some statistical knowledge too. The best place for this has to be Football Index Edge. It has lots of free data, including a historical database of all the dividend winners, but it also has a premium version at £6.48 a month (or £60 a year), of which you can check out the features at Football Index They also have a 30-day free trial for new members that you can cancel at any time if you want to have a quick look around and get some ideas on how to improve your portfolio. Other great content providers are @FIGuide_, whose weekly podcasts and beginners videos are a godsend for many traders. Along with @90MAAT who run a Football Index Insight page (FII) which provides frequent articles about the platform. Finally, there is also a fortnightly blog written by three experienced traders that keeps you up to date on all things Index.

If you can master the mechanics of the platform and do all of the above, you’ll definitely be on the right track for a successful time on Football Index!

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