About Football Index

Football Index is revolutionising football betting. On the football stock market, you can bet on the long-term value of a player, meaning your bet can last far longer than a regular bet. Football Index can loosely be described as a mixture of Fantasy Football, gambling and the stock market.

How can you make money?


The first way in which you can make money is Football Index pay out daily dividends on the top performing players. They are paid out for each “share” you own in a winning player. There are three different types of dividends on Football Index:

  1. Matchday Dividends: These are paid out on the top statistical performer in each position on any given matchday. These are determined by Football Index’s scoring matrix that is driven by opta statistics. The 7 competitions that are eligible for Performance Buzz dividends are: The top 5 European leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1) as well as the Champions League and Europa League.
  2. Media Dividends: Football Index monitor the news feeds of several UK news websites and every day the player with the highest media score will earn a dividend. This is determined by both the volume of articles on each player that day and how positive the words used in the headline of each article are.
  3. In-Play Dividends: For the first 30 days that you own shares in a player you will earn dividends for each goal your player scores or assists, or in the case of Goalkeepers for each clean sheet they keep in the dividend eligible competitions.

Price Changes

On Football Index you can buy and sell “shares” in individual players with the aim of selling the player at a higher price at a future date. Each player’s price on Football Index is determined by supply and demand, as they would in a conventional stock market. Each player’s price is rationalised largely by the traders’ opinion on the amount of future dividends for that player.

Case Study: Mohamed Salah

2017/2018 was clearly an incredible season for Mohamed Salah and traders who speculated that he would perform well for Liverpool were richly rewarded. The price and dividend graph shows how the market reacted across the season. It is particularly interesting to see how price changes go hand in hand with periods of increased dividends. Towards the end of the 2017/2018 season Salah dominated headlines which resulted in him winning Media dividends on an almost daily basis. You can see that during this period his price also increased sharply as demand in the player soared due to the dividends on offer.