Football Index: The week ahead Edition No.9

Welcome to this edition of the week ahead! After what can only be described as the most active international break on Football Index, we’re back with domestic football from Friday and of course, we are fresh off the back of the hugely-anticipated share split which has to get a mention!

The Football Index make-over!

Here we have it. The Transformation Tuesday we've all been waiting for! On the left you can see the top of the market as of 14:30 on Monday (the day before the share split) and on the right you can see the new-look market as of 18:00 Tuesday! The three-way split is now complete and prices continue to fly! Onwards and upwards!

What’s going on this week?

Football Friday

Usually, Fridays are pretty quiet in terms of Football Index activity but this is no ordinary Friday! Yes, that’s right, this Friday is the very first matchday under the new dividend structure which means that you will be earning 50% more in dividends than ever before on a single match day! If you missed the new structure you can see it below.

Last time we had a share split, the players in the spotlight (Ronaldo and Rooney) saw huge rises at the top of the index as you can see below.

Back then there were just 200 players and only media dividends up for grabs (what a simple time!) so the options of where to splash your cash were pretty limited and being top of media that day was enough to get the rise. This time around, there are plenty more options but a nice performance on Friday for someone could easily push them to the forefront of traders' preferences. You can see the players with the best averages below. I am a big fan of Fekir and Barella especially because of their high averages but also because they both bring transfer value for the summer which makes them an attractive buy for more than one reason.

Weekend Plans

This regular segment looks solely at the Saturday and Sunday ahead, using Football Index Edge data to help you predict who is in the running for the triple matchday dividends.


On Saturday, domestic football is back with a bang and it is starting early, with Manchester City travelling to relegation-threatened Fulham for a 12:30pm kick-off. These games always give big opportunities because it is played before the 2pm dividend cutoff. I am sure the focus will remain on Raheem Sterling , who has seen his price soar recently due to his impressive form complemented by becoming a media sweetheart after years of harsh coverage. 

Barcelona play Espanyol, where many will be hoping Lionel Messi continues his impressive form of dividends in the first opportunity to win the increased triple match day dividend. His price rose more on the day of the announcement than it had in the previous six months despite impressive dividend returns as you can see below.

Juventus take on a struggling Empoli on Saturday too, which would have given Ronaldo a chance of a few goals, however after limping off for Portugal on Monday night and with it being Juventus' first of three games in seven days, Cristiano Ronaldo will almost certainly be sidelined for the weekend at least (he actually self-diagnosed his injury as up to two weeks out) and Moise Kean getting game-time is quite likely which I am sure will go down well with his owners!

Below you can see the estimated scores from Football Index Edge.


The stand-out Sunday fixture is Liverpool vs Tottenham. A difficult fixture to call, even more difficult to pick dividend winners, but, I would be shocked if the Media dividend winner doesn't come from that fixture. We could even see money move into goalscorers if people still have cash to burn, with Liverpool specifically having some pretty nice fixtures coming up.

Looking for performance dividends, Real Madrid vs Huesca could certainly be a good place to start. Now Zidane is back at the helm, a struggling opponent at home could be a great opportunity for Isco to prove his worth in the first team, should he start. The regulars or Kroos, Ramos and Benzema could definitely be in with a shout if it becomes a goal-fest.

We have Edge's predictions for Sunday below.

30 day plan

If you are into your in-play dividends, this section will look to offer you the best teams or players to be keeping an eye on over the next month. 

The teams with the easiest fixtures according to Football Index Edge are listed below. One that narrowly miss the cut (coming 8th) is Arsenal but I feel they are also worth a mention. The Gunners have three Monday fixtures in the next thirty days, all of which are single days, including this Monday (01/04/19) where they face Newcastle in the only game of the day. They have seven games in total with the hardest league fixture looking like Everton away and of course the Europa League tie against Napoli. 

You can see their highest Performance Buzz scoring players below.

Here are the top five teams with the easiest fixtures coming up according to Football Index Edge:

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I hope this article has been useful in preparing your portfolio for the week ahead, happy trading and I’ll be back same time next week!

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