Football Index: The week ahead Edition No.8 International Edition

Welcome to this week's edition of The Week Ahead. where, sadly we have no domestic fixtures and therefore no performance dividends, but we do get plenty of international football to help us fill the void.

What’s going on this week?

This section aims to give you an overview of the week coming up, what kind of dividends will be on offer and a stand out fixture that will be of some importance to the Index. 

We can throw out the table this week, no domestic games means no performance dividends so its triple media all the way. That means the top three media ranking of each day receive dividends of 8p, 5p and 2p respectively.

What goes on in the international breaks?

With no league games you may be wondering what moves prices? Well of course, after last nights announcement prices are still adjusting as people made changes to their long term strategy, I will be releasing an article based around this on Friday so look out for that! 

But aside from that, many international breaks follow the same trends. Mainly around our home nations and the televised games. We get rises based on the England squad, especially around the young players. Declan Rice has been the prime example this time around.

We then usually see rises on any changes that get made. James Ward Prouse's inclusion on Monday morning saw a nice chance to flip. As well as CHO's introduction on Monday, however we can't put all of his rise down to international call up since he saw a lot of increase after the share split announcement. Nevertheless great if you hold him!

Finally, we usually see rises based on the goalscorers. Namely, the first scorers and the game winning scorers because lots of people watch the matches live and see an opportunity to flip, as well as a high chance of dividends from media. 

England's games are Czech Republic (H) on Friday and Montenegro (A) on Monday.  You can see the full fixtures list below. 

Under 21's

Something that seems to now be very relevant on Football Index is the performance of young players and those that are English seem to get a lot of the attention, so the under 21's squad could definitely be of interest to some.

For that reason, you can see the full squad below, it's amazing how many of these are well known in the Football Index world after recent rises. They play Poland U21's on Thursday. It is also worth noting (in case you missed it above) Callum Hudson Odoi moved into the first team after Luke Shaw dropped out.

It's also worth mentioning Burnley's Dwight McNeil earned a surprise training session with the senior team after Gareth Southgate requested he take part. The 19 year old winger had just earned his first call up to the U20's.

Finally, I can't finish this edition without mentioning Monday's incredible news. If you missed the share split and dividend increase announcement then you can check it out here on football Index's website. 

I will be releasing a detailed analysis on the reaction and what it means for the future of Football Index on Friday so keep an eye out for that! 

Also me, FIG and @_FI_trader will be giving our initial thoughts in our news letter on Tuesday evening. That will be available here.

Onwards and Upwards!

If you're new to Football Index and want to continue to learn the ropes, check out my free guide here!

I hope this article has been useful in preparing your portfolio for the week ahead, happy trading and I’ll be back same time next week!

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