Football Index IPOs

Football Index IPOs (initial purchase offerings) have been part of the platform from its inception, but the current format has been in place since November 2017 to enable the number of purchasable players to continually increase.

The players set to be introduced to the market on any given day are released the previous day on the Football Index news site. The players are given a two-hour window, during which time they could be introduced at any point. This is done in order to try and make the process fair for all users as no one will have the advantage of knowing when they are happening.

The price displayed on the Football Index news site is the starting price, and often increases very quickly if it is a player in demand, so do not be fooled into thinking you are guaranteed this price because that’s not the case.

A tip from the experts: When a Football Index IPO has just been introduced to the market, the whole screen will flash green. If you are waiting for a player to be IPO’d this can be an indicator to look out for. The fastest method we have found is having the player’s name typed into the search bar without the last letter of their surname. Then, when the screen flashes green, key in the last letter and the name should appear, click on them and purchase!

If you have a particular player in mind that you’d like to be introduced to the market, you can contact Football Index through their support email or alternatively drop them a DM on Twitter. It is ultimately their decision if and when players are IPO’d but generally most requests are followed up on. It is also up to Football Index what they see fit as a suitable IPO price for all players.

A tip from the experts: Be careful if you’re looking to just flip (quickly buy and sell) an IPO’d player, not only can they be very volatile in the moments after hitting the platform, but Football Index often widens the spread or even excludes promoted players from instant sell for a period after their promotion to try to discourage this behaviour. Don’t get your cash caught up in poor IPOs!

The life of a Football Index IPO

Although all players differ in one way or another, many players that are IPO’d follow a similar pattern. That being an immediate spike before those planning to flip get out, causing a downturn to some degree, followed by a steady rise over the next few days. Of course, this depends on the player, if they are not particularly good, then they’re unlikely to see much action but players of a decent standard will often follow this pattern. For example here are two price graphs for Wan-Bissaka. The first shows how his price moved on IPO day and the second for the subsequent couple of weeks.


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