Goals Markets Analysis

This dashboard gives you average goals stats for every club in the top 5 European leagues. It also gives you the net result if you were to have backed over or under 2.5 goals for every game in the filtered range.

On a desktop you can also hover over a teams stats to view the distribution of total goals in games involved in that game.

The Filters

Season(s): You can use the season(s) filter to only include one or several of the seasons in the data range.

League: At the moment you are able to filter to only include one or several of the five major European leagues (Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1).

Home or Away?: You can use this filter to see the impact if you were only to bet on those teams when they were playing at home or away (typically profitibality rises when you filter for only home games).

Team & Opposition: Filter so the table only includes specific teams or when those teams have only played certain opponents.

Odds Filters: The three odds filters allow you to only include bets that were placed at certain odds (e.g. only betting when the club was odds on to win).

The Dashboard


This dashboard will be updated by FootballAnalysis.com periodically using data available on Football-data.co.uk. Neither party accept any responsibility for any incorrect information and this should not be regarded as gambling advice.