Player Points Estimator

The Fantasy Premier League Player Score Estimator uses a combination of each of the player’s previous scores, the level of opposition as well as whether the game is due to be played home or away to estimate each player’s points for every gameday.

By default, the points estimator is sorted for the players with the highest estimated points for the filtered gameweeks. You can also sort the players alphabetically or by the estimated score for one particular gameweek (this may be useful for captain selection). You may find it is best to use your computer for the points estimator if you wish to examine all the remaining fixtures gameweeks.

 On a computer if you hover over a player’s points you can view more information on each player including the number of points they obtained in each previous game week.

Filters (Some May Only be Available When Using Your Computer):

Price: Filter by price to only include players who are within your budget.

Position(s): Filter by position to only include players in your required position.

Player Name: This filter enables you to only display the few players you are interested in investigating. This may be useful to either select your current team to plan which roatations you may want to make or when deciding between a few specific players.

Gameday Filter: Lets you to determine how many gameweeks in advance you want to plan for or prioritse when making decisions for your squad.

Injury News: The current selection status on the FPL website. Please note we only update this once a week so doing your own research may be a good idea! The filter allows you to only include players who currently have no injury news.

Sample Size: This allows you to determine how many games a player needs to have played this season before they are displayed on the table. (Accuracy of the points estimator increase as the sample size does).

The Points Estimator