Fantasy Premier League Fixtures

This fixture planner can be used to view which teams have the easiest fixture schedule coming up from a Fantasy Premier League prospective. The difficulty ratings are updated every gameweek based on the average scores that players have obtained against each opposition. The fixture planner also adjusts for whether the upcoming games are due to be played home or away.

By default, the fixture planner is sorted for teams with the easiest fixture schedule for the filtered gameweeks. You can also sort the clubs alphabetically or by difficulty of fixtures on one particular gameweek. The gameday filter allows you to choose how many gameweeks in advance you want to plan for. You may find it is best to use your computer for the fixture planner if you wish to examine all the remaining fixtures for the season.

 The Fantasy Premier League Fixture Planner is best most useful when coupled with player stats as we have done on the Fantasy Premier League Player Score Estimator page.

The Fixture Planner