Football Index: The week ahead Edition No.2

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Week Ahead, we have another busy week of football ahead as the title race begins to hot up in the Premier League, just as Football Index continues to heat up with a shed load of rises continuing the flood the platform.

What’s going on this week?

This section aims to give you an overview of the week coming up, what kind of dividends will be on offer and a stand out fixture that would be of some importance to the Index. 

10 for 10

On Monday evening we saw Junior and Dembele move well into double figure territory on the Index and that meant we now have 10 players above the £10 mark. Another incredible milestone showing the ridiculous amount of growth we've seen, especially when you consider that this time last year not a single player was above that amount as you can see below. is it possible that the share split will trigger the whole thing to happen all over again? Lets hope so! Onwards and upwards! 

Midweek Matches

Many of us will be wishing away this week in anticipation for next weeks returning Champions League but thankfully we still have a few games to get us through. In fact, we have games everyday this week. Yes that's right, much to the annoyance of those chasing the Media dividends, we have no treble media this week because every day has at least one performance legible. 

The stand out games come on Wednesday when Everton play Manchester City in the only performance game of the day. City may even challenge for media dividends on a day where they can reclaim top spot in the Premier League.

The other game of note that day is the first of three El Clasico's taking place over the next month. The first two are Copa del Rey games which wouldn't usually make traders bat an eyelid, but after the recent rises on Vinicius Junior and Ousmane Dembele, a big performance on a big stage may be enough to continue the hype, although Dembele is still an injury doubt.

Weekend Plans

This regular segment looks solely at the Saturday and Sunday ahead, using Football Index Edge data to help you predict who’s in the running for the triple day dividends.


Saturday kicks off with another televised Manchester United game with the Red Devils taking on Fulham live on Sky Sports at 12:30. Even a Jose-led United managed to put four past Fulham in the reverse fixture at Old Trafford so a rejuvenated and unbeaten OGS side could do some damage. An early kick off of course gives players the chance to build up a potentially dividend winning score before the dividend cut off point too and with recent hype, a couple of goals for Pogba, Rashford or Martial will more than likely see their price move again.

Arsenal take on Huddersfield in the 3 o'clocks where they may look to restore some order after defeat to City at the weekend. Another game with a good chance of a few goals after Chelsea put five past the terriers on Saturday with relative ease. Performance points will be much harder to come by for anyone playing in the Spanish capital however, with the Madrid derby taking place at 3:15 providing some interesting viewing but perhaps not a game to be banking on dividends.

The late kick off is once again, with all due respect, a poor one. Brighton play Burnley in a game that, to be honest I really can't seeing having any sort of impact on Football Index. Dwight McNeil being the only name I can see anyone trying to keep an eye on. 

Here's the predicted players in the running according to edge. It is worth noting this does not account for injury


With the title race blown wide open, Sunday proves an important day as Spurs take on Leicester and Manchester City take on Chelsea in a Sky Sports Super Sunday double bill. Plenty of Media opportunity for any heroics that might take place. 

Messi holders will also be looking to the GOAT for some dividends in his trip to Bilbao at Sunday tea time after his price has, quite bafflingly and interestingly stagnated while the youth players continue to grow.

We have Edge's predictions for Sunday below.

30 day plan

If you’re into your In-Play Dividends, this section will look to offer you the best teams or players to be keeping an eye on over the next month. This week, I have to go with Leverkusen. After their brilliant performances recently, including a 3-1 win over Bayern, they now have some pretty nice fixtures coming up including a single day game on Friday. 

08/02 FSV Mainz 05  (Away)

14/02 FK Krasnodar (Away)

17/02 Fortuna Dusseldorf (Home)

21/02 FK Krasnodar (Home)

24/02 Dortmund (Away)

02/03 Freiberg (Home)

10/03 Hannover 96 (Away) (Bottom of the league)

The best thing about Leverkusen is the number of promising young prospects they have that really fit the bill of the current hype. Havertz, Brandt and Bailey are three that have seen decent rises recently so if you fancy them, you can pick them up now and benefit from some nice in play dividends and some good chances at performance dividends too.

You can see Leverkusen's performance data for this season below.

Additionally, here are the top 4 teams with the easiest fixtures coming up according to Football Index Edge:

If you're new to Football Index and want to continue to learn the ropes, check out my free guide here!

I hope this article has been useful in preparing your portfolio for the week ahead, happy trading and I’ll be back same time next week!

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