About Us

We provide cutting-edge analysis on all things football, from the Manchester City set-piece that led to a goal at the weekend to which players you need in your fantasy team based on statistics. We’ll have articles on Football Index - who to invest in and who to sell - and we will help to sort out your bets for the games at the weekend, providing historic data to help you back a winner.

The Team

Editor in Chief - Dan Reuben

Dan has years of experience in sports journalism, having had stints on sports desks at The Times and the Daily Mail. He has also plied his trade abroad, working on the sports desk at the Rheinische Post, a regional newspaper based in Düsseldorf and for MMC Sport in Munich, a company in charge of running social media accounts for numerous Bundesliga clubs and national teams.

Football Index Editor – Liam McDonnell

Liam has been around the block a few times when it comes to football index, having been on the platform since its creation in 2015. Liam set up one of the largest Football Index twitter accounts (@footballindexLM) in 2016 posting stats and other content to help Football Index traders. Subsequently Liam has produced articles and guides for Football Index and more recently has become the Editor of 90MAAT’s Football Index Insight section. Liam will bring statistical analysis and different perspectives to investors’ attention through his vast experience on the platform and Accounting and Finance background.

Lead Data Analyst - Tim Bayer

Tim is the team's data science guru. Tim applies his vast experience of building data visualisation dashboards in business to the world of football. Tim is also a master in leveraging historical data to use for predictive analytics. As an FPL enthusiast you can often find Tim posting useful stats on his Twitter account (@TimBayer93).

Founder – Joel Sinclair-Horne

Joel is the second data geek of the team. Joel first entered the world of Football Analytics when completing his Economics degree; building a predictive model for estimating football transfer fees. More recently, Joel founded Football Index Edge, the leading provider of data for Football Index traders. Joel has also conducted extensive data analysis on football prediction models and Fantasy Football.